Sorry, we don’t take reservations!  First come first serve!  We are open weekdays, from 12-2:30 for lunch and in the evening from 5-11, and on weekends from noon-midnight!  We do, however, take bookings for lunch, so give us a ring to save your seat!


We are located on 6 Pound Lane just off of Hollywood Rd in Sheung Wan on the corner of Pound Lane and Tai Ping Shan Road


For private parties or events, please call us at +852 3426 3949 or email info@mrspound.com.


If you are interested to join the Mrs. Pound team, please email us at work@mrspound.com!  Only friendly, motivated, hard-working people need apply!



Honestly, Mrs Pound hasn’t just established Hong Kong’s newest hipster haven in the blink of an eye. She’s just created one of the city’s most forward thinking and, frankly, best eateries.
Lisa Cam, Timeout
The secretive storefront, the psychedelic interior, and the very social, delicious nibbles will have us coming back for more. Definitely the new cool kid on the block.
Celia Hu, Foodie
I almost wish we could keep this place a secret and not tell everyone about it, but sometimes secrets are just too good to keep…
Ale, Sassy
It’s easy to miss Mrs Pound, with its convincing faux stamp shop front that blends in seamlessly with the neighbourhood, and an entrance that is only revealed after a secret switch is activated. Once inside, the walls are adorned with curios that extend the restaurant’s trendy vibe, from cosmetic compacts lining the walls to retro gymnasium-style hoops hanging from the ceiling above the bar.
Esther Wong, Asia Tatler
Hidden behind a “secret” doorway disguised as an old-school stamp shop, Mrs. Pound brings modern Malaysian to a city that has surprisingly few southeast-Asian restaurants, let alone playful, modern ones. The very concept of its rendang poutine seems to have every food blogger in town in a frenzy.
Eater Staff, Eater
She may be overly conscious of looking fly in the eyes of the trendsetters, but she’s way more than just a new and unusual hip chick in the cool crowd.
Chrystal Wilde, Coconuts Hong Kong