Sole F63 Treadmill Review – Pros and cons (2020)

A healthy body is an important aspect of good health physically as well as mentally. Sole F63 will take care of your body, mind, and health altogether. If you’re a beginner in the gym, I would strongly recommend this one as this is user – friendly, affordable and an excellent choice for your first treadmill to be.

How can it be helpful? (Pros)

  1. Affordable Price – Sole is always known for its treadmills and is a well -known brand with an amazing quality of treadmills to workout. The Sole F63 treadmills cost you $999. It’s worth purchasing and one thing I can surely guarantee you are – you won’t regret this.
  2. Foldable – You can workout at any nook corner and point of your home with this foldable treadmill. One of the biggest advantages of foldable treadmills is that they are storage savvy and allow you to walk and run just anywhere.
  3. Cushion flex deck – You can adjust and optimize the cushion as per your requirement, your needs, and your preference because of the comfortable cushion flex deck provided.
  4. Various workout programs – Just not to feel bored because Sole F63 provides you a truckload of workout programs to perform upon. An amazing deal for runners and sportspersons. You can get your personalized training at home with no worries to wake up early and jog.
  5. Display – Sole F63 has an LCD screen with bright blue and white lights which provides it to be visible even with a distance. You can track your count, calorie burn, pulse, pace, and even your progress easily with no worries.
  6. Chest straps – Chest straps are necessary to ensure your steady heart readings. Sole F63 is one of a few treadmills that provide you chest straps and shows the heart reading on the screen.
  7. Lifelong warranty on frame and motor – Sole F63 is the only one that provides you a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor of your treadmill.
  8. Storage – Sole F63 provides a good storage area, including 2 water bottle holders with very large side pockets on both sides and an additional storage tray which is located and set back so that it created no issue while doing an incline.

Though Sole F63 is a respected and decent functionality treadmill, yet it has a lot of limitations in many possible ways Let’s have a look at its cons:

  1. Lack of Technical Features – Technical features are a necessity nowadays. Competing, many treadmills have much and much more advanced technology like inbuilt internet and access to various platforms for different kinds of workout or cardio sessions which make them much more tech-savvy and this one, Sole F63 lacking a lot of technical features.
  2. Heavy training not possible – If you spend most of your time on treadmills running, this one may not be an ideal choice. The body and design are not compatible with heavy pieces of training and sessions. The motor is also not very strong. So, gym freaks should look upon higher options rather than choosing this one for you.
  3. Light Fan – Fans are an important aspect of a treadmill. They help to keep you cool, comfortable. If you feel comfortable, then you only can workout properly and continuously. Sole F63 has a very light or not much powerful and only single fan which can be said as a major limitation because the fan in a treadmill keeps your workout alive and easy. Moreover, the vents on the fan cannot be adjusted downwards. So, hop onto a good design with a better fan.


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