Samsung 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Samsung is one of the most reputable brands on the market when it comes to electric appliances. They make a wide range of products from the fridge to military weapons. Washing machines are an important category of home appliances from Samsung and are considered one of the best in the industry as they last for up to 15 years and have high energy efficiency. If you are looking for a decent top-loading washing machine, then look no further than the 6.5 Kg machine from Samsung.

Top-loading washing machines are reliable machines and retails for an affordable price than the front-loading ones. This top-loading washing machine model from Samsung is also semi-automatic, which saves water efficiently and easily adapts to your wash needs. With all the advantages, let us see whether the Samsung 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine is the right choice for you as we divulge into a detailed review of it.

Samsung 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine...

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This 6.5 kg model from Samsung will be sufficient for families with 3-4 members. The top-loading and unloading features will make it easy for you to wash clothes and collect them. This model comes with a lot of useful features such as double storm technology, air turbo, caster wheel, and much more to make washing clothes easy with it.

The design also looks modern and compact, so you can keep it without occupying much space in your home. With an industry-leading warranty period, you are getting a good machine for the price. Now, let us see the design, special features, pros, and cons of this washing machine in detail.


Being a top-loading washing machine, you get a vertically aligned drum with this one. This machine has white plus maroon color all over to give it a modern and stylish look. You get knobs at the top to control various features of this machine.

The physical dimension of this machine comes at 93.5 x 50.2 x 80 cm in height, width, and length, so you get a compact machine top-loading washing machine with this buy. The rust-proof body of this machine will give you high durability. Overall, you get a compact and modern-looking machine with this buy that will give you high durability.

Special Features

Air Turbo

This washing machine features an air turbo drying system that dries up your clothes faster. When you wash your clothes, it takes up a lot of time to dry it up, especially in humid conditions. With the air turbo system, this washing machine rotates the drum rapidly to intake more air to dry up your clothes faster. This feature of the washing machine really saves up your valuable time in cleaning and drying up your clothes.

Double Storm Technology

This washing machine from Samsung has double storm technology to give you a better cleaning. This technology creates constantly variable and powerful water waves in the drum. This wave helps to move around the garments and rubs them together to give you a better wash.

The scrub board present in this washing machine also has a series of ridges, which goes gentle while cleaning fabrics. With this powerful double storm technology, you will get good results on cleaning your clothes.

Big Wheel and Caster Wheel

This machine has a big wheel on its side to effortlessly move this washing machine around your home. You don’t need to drag the washing machine anymore. With the help of this wheel, you can move this machine without much trouble. This wheel ensures you get a smoother and more stable motion as they roll steadily over different surfaces with minimum effort.

In addition to the big wheel on its sides, this machine has a caster wheel that is incorporated behind the legs of the stand. These wheels are invisible but makes it easy to move around this washing machine without any effort.


With this washing machine, you can preset the time you want to soak up the clothes before you want the washer to start. Soaking up the clothes helps in removing the stains efficiently, so you can use this machine to soak up your soiled clothes for some time before washing it. You can soak up the clothes in the washer itself with this washing machine.


Like other washing machines, this 6.5 kg top-loading, semi-automatic model from Samsung has a buzzer that indicates with a sound the end of the wash cycle. With this buzzer feature, you can manage your time more efficiently by doing other important tasks while this washing machine handles all your cleaning chores.

You will get a good indication with the buzzer, so you won’t likely forget the wet clothes that you put in the washer. It really is a useful feature to have in your washing machine.

Other Features

Rust-Proof design

The body of this machine is made of rust-proof material, so you will get a long life out of this machine. This design is really useful as washing machines tends to develop rust quickly. Washing machines literally operate with water and water is a catalyst for the development of rust. With this design, you won’t see any rust developing with this washing machine.

Energy Efficient Rating

This washing machine from Samsung comes with a five-star energy rating, which is the top rating. Energy rating specifies how efficient the machine is in handling the energy and with a five-star energy-efficient rating, you get a good energy-efficient machine with this buy. You will get to save a lot on the energy bills for a long time using this washing machine.

Warranty Period

With the purchase of this washing machine, you get an industry-leading warranty period. You are sure to get a two-year warranty on the product itself with a five-year warranty period on the motor. With this good warranty period, you won’t have to worry about any defects when purchasing this washing machine from Samsung.


  • It comes with useful features such as a storm pulsator, magic filter, and spin timer to give you a good cleaning experience.
  • With a 1300 rpm drum, you will get faster drying time using this machine.
  • It can handle the clothes of an average Indian family with its 6.5 kg capacity.
  • It has a rust-proof body.
  • This machine from Samsung is highly affordable.


  • Like other top-loading washing machines, it consumes more water.
  • It is not a fully-automatic washing machine, so manual intervention is required at times.


The features present on this washing machine are really useful like air turbo system, double storm technology, etc. You will get a good cleaning experience using this washing machine from Samsung. If you are looking for an affordable, top-loading washing machine, then you won’t likely find anything better than this 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine from Samsung.

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