LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Finding the time to clean our clothes is becoming tough in these modern times. To make this situation better, technology has provided us the much-needed help in the form of a washing machine. The washing machine is a great household appliance that saves our time and energy in cleaning clothes efficiently.

Every household in India should have a washing machine to ease the cleaning chore. There are a lot of washing machine models from different brands available in the market but the 6.5 kg semi-automatic, top-loading washing machine from LG is a great model to pick. It comes with a great number of features for an economical price. In this post, let us see an in-depth review of the LG 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine with its pros and cons.

LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine...

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  • 6.5 kg of wash capacity
  • 5.5 kg of spin capacity
  • Plastic Body design
  • 1350 RPM spin speed
  • 4-star energy efficiency rating
  • 97.5 x 79.5 x 48.0 cm in height, width, and depth
  • Included with the purchase – Washing Machine, Drain hose, one unit of QRG & Detergent powder, and user manual
  • Semi-automatic washing machine with a top-loading form factor
  • Two-year manufacturing warranty


Like any other washing machine in its range, the LG 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine comes in a compact form with a good design. The dual pattern color with white and blue makes it look good and a bit modern. With a compact dimension coming at just 97.5 by 79.5 by 48.0 cm in height, width, and depth, you can easily store it in your room. There are four control knobs present at the top of this washing machine to control different functions like wash timer, wash selector, spin timer, and drain selector. The whole body is made of plastics, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of this machine as it is highly resistant to forming rust and can last long.

Features of LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Three wash modes

This washing machine from LG features three wash modes – Gentle, Normal, and Strong. The gentle wash mode is well suited to clean your expensive as this wash doesn’t damage the cloth. Normal wash mode will be suited for your daily clothes to effectively get rid of the dirt. To get the toughest stain out of your clothes, you can use the strong wash mode. The strong wash mode has the power to remove even the toughest stains from your clothes. With three different wash programs, you get options when it comes to cleaning your clothes.

Collar Scrubber

Removing stains from the collar of the shirts, especially the white shirts are difficult even when using a washing machine. To remedy it, this washing machine from LG has a collar scrubber. You can use the collar scrubber to remove the dirt and stains from your cuffs and collars. It saves a lot of time and effort in cleaning your shirts.

Lint Collector

There is a built-in lint collector present with this washing machine. It is normal for the broken fabrics and fiber from your clothes to get settled down after they are cleaned by the washing machine. Sometimes, the lint from your clothes gets into the pipe and blocks it. It causes damage to the functioning of your washing machine. With the built-in collector present in this washing machine, you have to worry no more about the lint. The lint collector collects all the broken fabrics from your clothes while you are washing them.

Wash Leftover Soap

The spin shower feature present in this washing machine helps to wash off all the leftover soap residue from your clothes during a spin cycle. Leftover soap residue on the clothes is a common occurrence when washing using a machine but with the spin shower, the soap residue can be eliminated from your clothes.

Rat repellent

Rats are the common enemy for all household appliances but this washing machine model from LG has a feature to counter the attack of rats. The body of this washing machine features a 3MM plastic cover with a rat repellent chemical. This chemical will keep the rats away from this washing machine to protect the wires and other parts. You will never have to worry about the rats again using this washing machine from LG.

Other Features

High Spin Speed

This semi-automatic washing machine from LG has a good spin speed of 1350 rpm. With this high spin speed, it helps to dry your clothes faster. You can save time in drying up your clothes with the spin speed offered by this washing machine.

Four-Star Energy Rating

The energy rating is certified for all-electric appliances and is commonly rated from one to five. With a four-star energy rating, this washing machine will be good at consuming energy efficiently. Though it doesn’t have the perfect five-star rating, a four-star rating for the price it retails is good. This energy efficiency of this machine will help you save the energy bills over a long time.

Rust-Free Body

This washing machine body is made up of plastic including the base and spin shower. The plastic build of this machine will give it good durability. The plastic has good resistance against forming rust and can withstand well against wear and tear. You will get a good washing machine model that will last a long time.

Good Manufacturing Period

You will get a good two-year manufacturing warranty from LG with the purchase of this model. This warranty will cover all the manufacturing defects you get with the washing machine, so you can confidently buy this washing machine model without any worries.

Good Capacity

The 6.5 kg load capacity that you get with this washing machine model will be sufficient for an average Indian family with three to four members. The spin tub capacity is also good coming at 5.5 kilograms.


  • It is an affordable machine that consumes less water and energy.
  • It gives you options in cleaning your fabrics – Gentle, Normal, and Strong wash mode.
  • This machine has a plastic body design, which is rust-proof. It also has a rat repellent chemical.
  • The collar scrubber present with this washing machine is a good addition.
  • There is also an in-built lint collector present with this washing machine model from LG.


  • It is a semi-automatic model so manual intervention is required to clean your clothes with it.
  • The load capacity will not be sufficient for large families with more than four members.


The LG 6.5 Kg semi-automatic top-loading washing machine has a good number of features to make it very enticing. The price that it retails is much affordable, so it is easy to recommend this great washing machine model for anyone looking to buy in a budget segment.

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