Horizon T202 Treadmill Reviews


The Horizon T202 treadmill has become people’s top choice as it has many features and benefits including affordability and inclination. Achieving long term fitness goals is made easy and is also available at a discounted rate hence, making it more likable. The sensational and enjoyable workout is what the Horizon T202 treadmill assures you of. The number of characteristics like IPOD dock and advanced goal center is what enables the trainees to make their workout enjoyable and to stay on task, help achieve their long term fitness goals. The machine, however, works best for the ones who are not looking for an intense running workout but just for jogging and staying fit by it. The Horizon T202 treadmill is quite striking and the idea people ought to have such a device by which one stays fit and healthy without paying for a gym.

Reviews on the Horizon T202 treadmill:


1. Easily Foldable: The treadmill is easily foldable and hence it does not talk a lot of space. It can be easily folded and unfolded when needed. Hence, the inconvenience of locating and dislocating the machine on a frequent basis is cut off.

2. Inclination: One of the very important features are that the treadmill has an inclination range of 0.5-12%. The inclination rate is found to have a very good impact on the people.

3. Weight: The treadmill has a really sufficient weight holding capacity. Anyone haveng a weight of up to 350lbs can easily work out on the treadmill. Such a weight possession capability on a budget is difficult to find.

Rating: 4.4 stars.

Price: $1299 and even less online.


1. Affordable price: The price of Horizon T202 treadmill comes on a budget for a lot of people. The discounted price and the features of the machine impress the people and hence, it does not languish in becoming people’s prime preference.

2. Warranty: Another most important benefit of the machine is that the parts of it have a warranty of one year. Any part getting damaged between one year is claimed to be repaired or replaced before it’s too late.

3. Music friendly: The treadmill has really good quality audio and is proclaimed to be music-friendly without creating much commotion.

4. Blue tooth smart: The machine can be easily connected to Bluetooth hence, enjoying music and jogging at the same time is made effortless.


1. Budget belt: The budget ply is just a single only which is 1.4 mm thick. Usually, people opt for two or three-ply.

2. Only meant for jogging: The machine cannot be used by an athlete or by a person who does intense running. It is only meant for jogging or for walking a little faster than a normal walk.

3. Vulnerable built-in fan: The built-in fan is weak and the motor also tends to make them sound more often.

The things that are liked and disliked by the people are all mentioned above. Horizon T202 treadmill also monitors your heart rate and this is yet another benefit and a reason of why shall give it a try.


The accurate reviews on Horizon T202 treadmill were listed out in the above article. It’s a number of unique features, advantages and the consideration of star ratings makes it quite obvious for all those people looking for an affordable treadmill give it a try. The treadmill holds certain benefits which usually other treadmills do not consist of, not at least at such a reasonable price. Feel free to ask about any queries regarding the above article in the comment section below.

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