Best Kent Vacuum Cleaner in India

KENT has been unanimously acknowledged as a leader in the RO water purifier category. They also make other home healthcare products such as home water softeners, UV purifiers, disinfectants, air purifiers, smart kitchen appliances, and vacuum cleaners.

Kent constantly tries to innovate and provide solutions to protect people from harmful diseases. Vacuum cleaners from Kent are some of the best in the industry as they are made with innovative technology. Made from quality materials,  you can buy Kent vacuums with full confidence as they give you complete cleaning without any failure. There are many models of vacuum cleaners available from the Kent brand and in this post, we are gonna see some of the top models of vacuums from Kent with its pros and cons.

Top Kent Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. Kent Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200-Watt

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The 1200-Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner from Kent comes with innovative technology to pick up both the wet and dry spills. The high efficient motor present in this vacuum gives a strong suction power to that clears all kinds of dust from the surface. This vacuum also comes with a blower functionality to remove any deeply embedded dust from your surroundings. The lightweight build of this device makes it easy for you to carry it around your home and have a good cleaning session. It also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer that covers all the defects.


  • This vacuum has a good dust storage capacity of 10 liters.
  • The 1200 Watt motor present in this vacuum has enough power to provide good suction and blower feature.

2. Kent Bed and Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

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This vacuum from Kent is a handheld device that is a perfect tool for cleaning flat surfaces like carpets, bed sheets, pillows, and other upholstery items. It also has a UV disinfection light equipped to kill and neutralize all the micro-organisms on your cleaning surface. The 450W motor creates a good level of suction force to clean your surface. The advanced cyclonic technology effectively collects dust at a high speed, so you get a spotless and dust-free environment. The HEPA filter ensures that most of the micro-particles and other allergens get trapped, so you get cleaner air. The good one-year warranty period covers this device from all manufacturing defects.


  • It is a good lightweight and compact hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean all your upholstery items.
  • The UV light feature helps to get rid of all the micro-organisms from your cleaning surface.

3. Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

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The Kent force vacuum cleaner comes with state-of-the-art technology to provide a spotless and dust-free surrounding. The efficient motor present in this vacuum provides a good suction force to clean dust from every corner of your room. The advanced force cyclonic technology plus the HEPA filter present in this vacuum helps to pull all the dust from your environment and trap it inside. The efficient motor and the rubberized wheel makes sure that there is a low noise operation when using this vacuum. There is also a one-year warranty with this vacuum to relieve you of any worries.


  • There are different accessories that come with this vacuum such as flexible hose, metal telescopic tube, crevice tool, dust brush, and carpet brush. It gives you a complete cleaning for your home.
  • You get a low noise operation with this vacuum.

4. KENT Wizard Cyclonic Vaccum Cleaner

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The Wizard Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is an advanced device with a strong suction force for efficient cleaning. It comes with additional accessories such as carpet brush, floor brush, telescopic tube, flexible hose, carpet brush, and wide mouth brush for cleaning different surfaces. The foam filter present in this device captures micro-dust particles to reduce the pollution and dust discharge. The efficient motor also makes sure that this vacuum only generates less noise, unlike other traditional ones. There is also a good warranty period with this purchase of this vacuum, so you can buy it without any worries.


  • The foam filter included with this vacuum ensures that you get reduced air pollution as it captures most of the micro-particles.
  • You get multiple accessories included with this machine that gives you complete cleaning.

5. Kent Wet and Dry Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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This is another handheld vacuum device from Kent that is designed for easy handling and convenience. It is made for cleaning both the wet and dry surface cleaning and it cleans well. This wet and dry vacuum has a cordless design that removes all the hassle of using a traditional vacuum. It comes with a 2000mAH capacity and a rechargeable battery design. This unique feature makes this vacuum highly portable and easy to use. This bag-less and cordless vacuum comes with a one-year warranty period that covers manufacturing defects.


  • It comes with different accessories such as a crevice nozzle, and a wet suction nozzle for cleaning different surfaces.
  • It has a rechargeable battery design that makes it easy to use.

6. KENT Handy Vacuum Cleaner

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The Kent Handy is another handheld vacuum cleaner with advanced cyclonic technology for collecting dust and a powerful motor. The 1000 W motor powers the suction and blower feature of this vacuum. It gives you a versatile cleaning experience to clean with suction and blower functionality. This vacuum comes with overheating protection. It ensures that the motor doesn’t shut off automatically when it overheats or when the passage is blocked. It also comes with a shoulder strap, so you can carry it around your shoulder to give you easy handling.


  • The auto power cord retractor included with this vacuum gives you the convenience of retracting the cable automatically with just a push of a button.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty period that covers this device from all kinds of manufacturing defects.

Buying Guide For Vacuum Cleaners

If you are new to buying a Vacuum, then you might be wondering how to choose the right vacuum. Here, we list the top qualities that you should for in a vacuum.

Dust Container:

Vacuums come with either bag or bagless design. The bagless vacuum uses a can to accumulate the dust. Bags generally holds more dust than can, but it may be difficult for you to empty dust from the bag than a can. You may also need to frequently buy and change the bags if you opt for a vacuum with bags to collect dust. So based on your convenience, you can select either a bag or bagless designed vacuum.

HEPA Filter:

Make sure that the vacuum you get has a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is capable of capturing 99.9% of dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns from your surrounding. It is also capable of capturing allergens such as pollen, pet hair, dust mites, and more. It makes your environment free of contaminations.

Portability and other conveniences:

If you need to use your vacuum frequently, then opt for portable vacuums such as a handheld or stick vacuums. These vacuums are compact and lightweight in design. This makes it easy for you to use it without any hassle. Vacuums such as wet and dry and canister are huge in size, but they do provide power and versatility in cleaning. They are good for cleaning large areas, removing hard stains and capable of cleaning on multiple surfaces in your home. Other conveniences that you should look for in a vacuum are auto-winding cord, battery indicator, and dust bag indicator. These features generally make your vacuum cleaning experience much more convenient.


Generally, all the vacuums today come with at least two or more attachments that give different functionality. Attachments such as upholstery brush, crevice nozzle, floor & carpet brush give you a versatile cleaning experience. So get a vacuum that comes with different attachments.


A good and long warranty period means that the vacuum is made of good quality materials and can work without any fault for a long time. You should get a vacuum that comes with at least a good six months of the warranty period. It covers your device from all kinds of manufacturing defects.


Buying a good vacuum cleaner is a must in the modern world. With Kent, you get a good quality vacuum at a reasonable price. The above listed are some of the top models of vacuum from Kent that you can buy without any hesitation.

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