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Casio MJ-12GST GST Calculator

Casio MJ-12GST GST Calculator

Casio deals with calculators and mathematical devices.

  • They make a premium range of products under variable designs.
  • GST calculator provides haptic support over its keys, which are designed especially for lightweight usage and pressure.
  • It comes with five dedicated keys, which can work for different functions, including slab keys.
  • It also comes with a changeable button pad, which can be changed after some time of usage.
  • It also has a 150 step check mechanism, which can check step up to 150 times.
  • The device comes with a round and decimal system, which can help in some intense calculations.
  • It also provides flexible display over the buttons, making it easier to press them as metallic buttons are hard and rust-prone.
  • On the designing and Casio has designed it with minimalistic features as the conners around, and it follows a unibody design.
  • It comes with a dual-tone button set up, which also includes a green color button.
  • The device has a LED screen, which can display various functionalities.
  • It also comes with a solar power charger, which can work fluently with a calculator.
  • It also comes with a tag switch, which can be customized for various outputs.
  • It is most used by shopkeepers and students as well.
  • Overall the design is compact, and the mechanism feels nice as well.
  • We would recommend this as one of the best calculators you can get under 500 rupees.

Orpat OT-512GT Calculator

Orpat OT-512GT Calculator

  •  ORPAT is an underrated Indian brand specializing in mathematical products.
  • The device has a markup button installed, which can help in various functions.
  • It also has a total button included, which can directly calculate inputs in one calculation or button.
  • It also comes with a hardcover over the front, which makes it well built, and it won’t break even if it falls.
  • It also has a 120 step checking, which can help you in various functions as it can find errors and change them.
  • In the designing end, it follows an old school design.
  • The buttons are made of local plastic and can break easily.
  • It also comes with a real solar cell included in the box, which can charge the calculator
  • It has an inbuilt battery of a solar cell for three years.
  • It also has a 12 digit display, and the screen is bright enough to see in intense sunlight.
  • Overall the device costs 175 Indian rupees, which is way less than the others on this list and is well suited if you are looking for a compact and affordable calculator for easy calculations.

Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-82MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

As we all know, Casio is one of the biggest and largest providers of calculators in India.

  • Casio plus comes with 417 functions and 15 customizable functions, which can easily calculate equations and maths problems.
  • It also comes with a color-coded keyboard, which can help in various functions.
  • It comes with dual power solar cells for a long engagement.
  • It can also power itself under high intense solar light.
  • It also comes with a table function.
  • Overall the product has a dual-tone finish to it, which follows a parametric form.
  • The device is compact and feels handy as well.
  • It is well-suited if you are an engineering student seeking a calculator that can help you solve equations.
  • We would recommend this if you are looking for a scientific calculator under a thousand bucks.

Casio FX-82MS 2nd Gen Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator

 Mobile phones are among the essential things that everyone carries with them due to their compact size. Casio has a design calculator with a proper mobile phone dimension, which makes it handy and easy to use.

  • Canon 2nd generation calculator comes with a sleek design and a minimal approach to its corners.
  • It has all the functions included.
  • It can help you solve trigonometric and permutation and combination problems.
  • It comes with a drop-resistant body, making it a proper fit if you are using it on rough conditions.
  • The device has a unique dual-tone finish with the shade of black.
  • It also comes with a slide-on hard case, which is provided in the box.
  • It has a 3-year manufacturing defect warranty.
  • Overall the design is one of the best you can get under 500 bucks.
  • We would recommend this if you are looking for a calculator under 500 INR for scientific usage.

Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator

  • Casio FX is a scientific graphic calculator by the brand Casio.
  • It is well suited for scientists and high intention engineering.
  • It costs 11000 INR on Amazon.
  • It has more than 3000 functions and can work for engineering usage.
  • It has a LED screen with a resolution of 720 p and can display diagrams and cross-section figures.
  • It comes with a built-in app for research and uploading purposes.
  • It can connect directly to your computer and mobile devices through the BlueTooth connection.
  • It comes with different processes that can work on statistics and reasoning.
  • It can directly connect to your printers and can print the input data.
  • On the designing and it follows a dual-tone finish to it with premium quality buttons and a metallic dialler.


Everyone has seen desktop calculators, which were in trend in the 90s. Most shopkeepers used to carry a desktop calculator. If you are seeking for a desktop calculator, then the citizen is here to impress you again.

  • Citizen city comes with a desktop-style calculator.
  • It has 12 digits and comes with a large display, which can help in various ways.
  • Has dual body solar cell, which can charge the device fastly and rapidly.
  • It also comes with a 112 step checking method and can correct and edit the steps.
  • It also comes with the auto-reply feature, which can help in various ways.
  • Overall the design follows a dual-tone black and white finish, which looks old school.
  • It is a price under 500 INR and can do a decent job.
  • We won’t recommend the calculator if you are not a big fan of desktop calculators.

bookmark_borderTreadmill In A Cold Garage

Treadmills, an important part of our gym equipment not only strengthen our body but also help in boosting our stamina. You can just jog down in your home at any time any place rather than jogging outside and wondering about the weather. But storing them in a cold garage? Might not be in the best of interest.

Cons of storing treadmill in a cold garage:

Research shows that storing a treadmill in a cold garage may mutilate a lot of its parts like screen, LCD, and belts. Extreme weather conditions can cause a lot of vandalization and damage to the treadmill. A garage is also not considered as a hygienic place or a clean one to store a treadmill because most of us consider a garage a storehouse. Isn’t it? So, it will have more dirt and less of cleanliness around which will make even the treadmill dirty and you have to clean it up every day before starting your workouts.

A bad idea!

In countries where it rains a lot or snows, the weather becomes more humid and moisture develops all over. During, this time the garage is the most affected place with moisture and humidity as the ventilation points present there are zero or minimal. So, it makes 100% chances of damaging the treadmill all over, after all, it’s just a machine and can get affected by water and moisture easily. You can cover your treadmill to prevent it from water.

Houses, where there are new-born babies are never a good place to keep treadmills. There is a 100% chance of an accident happening there as the babies are not aware of what a treadmill is.

Keeping aside these points there are a few pros too, let’s look at them:

A treadmill is a huge machine, though now it’s available as a foldable option yet there are a lot of treadmills that cannot be folded. One good thing about keeping your treadmill at your garage would be that you will have enough space at your home and all the noises of the treadmill would be limited to your garage only.

One suggestion to this would be set up a heater in your garage, clean it up and make that garage what should we say “Treadmill worthy”. Making your garage as your gym is not necessary but it’s becoming a trend nowadays. In this way, you can exercise at a pace and won’t feel much cold. Also, this will give you the same feeling as you are in your home. Making the temperature equal is good for the treadmill as well as for us. That’s why a heater is necessary.

Having a treadmill in your own house will provide you the outside view of greenery or scenery which you may not find in your old, rusty garage. Also, when you have a foldable treadmill, you can switch places and jog at any corner of the house where ever you require. Due to this reason, many people shift from their garage to their homes as they find it quite boring to stay in one place and jog. Otherwise, the silent ones enjoy their peace in the garage too.

While many people say, that setting up a treadmill in a garage is not a big deal to them and they found it effective and efficient both, some strongly disagree and state facts about the dirt, dust, and temperature in the garage. I would say, if you can maintain your garage a good gym then surely, go for it. But if not, your treadmill should remain in your house safe and secured.…

bookmark_borderSole F63 Treadmill Review – Pros and cons (2020)

A healthy body is an important aspect of good health physically as well as mentally. Sole F63 will take care of your body, mind, and health altogether. If you’re a beginner in the gym, I would strongly recommend this one as this is user – friendly, affordable and an excellent choice for your first treadmill to be.

How can it be helpful? (Pros)

  1. Affordable Price – Sole is always known for its treadmills and is a well -known brand with an amazing quality of treadmills to workout. The Sole F63 treadmills cost you $999. It’s worth purchasing and one thing I can surely guarantee you are – you won’t regret this.
  2. Foldable – You can workout at any nook corner and point of your home with this foldable treadmill. One of the biggest advantages of foldable treadmills is that they are storage savvy and allow you to walk and run just anywhere.
  3. Cushion flex deck – You can adjust and optimize the cushion as per your requirement, your needs, and your preference because of the comfortable cushion flex deck provided.
  4. Various workout programs – Just not to feel bored because Sole F63 provides you a truckload of workout programs to perform upon. An amazing deal for runners and sportspersons. You can get your personalized training at home with no worries to wake up early and jog.
  5. Display – Sole F63 has an LCD screen with bright blue and white lights which provides it to be visible even with a distance. You can track your count, calorie burn, pulse, pace, and even your progress easily with no worries.
  6. Chest straps – Chest straps are necessary to ensure your steady heart readings. Sole F63 is one of a few treadmills that provide you chest straps and shows the heart reading on the screen.
  7. Lifelong warranty on frame and motor – Sole F63 is the only one that provides you a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor of your treadmill.
  8. Storage – Sole F63 provides a good storage area, including 2 water bottle holders with very large side pockets on both sides and an additional storage tray which is located and set back so that it created no issue while doing an incline.

Though Sole F63 is a respected and decent functionality treadmill, yet it has a lot of limitations in many possible ways Let’s have a look at its cons:

  1. Lack of Technical Features – Technical features are a necessity nowadays. Competing, many treadmills have much and much more advanced technology like inbuilt internet and access to various platforms for different kinds of workout or cardio sessions which make them much more tech-savvy and this one, Sole F63 lacking a lot of technical features.
  2. Heavy training not possible – If you spend most of your time on treadmills running, this one may not be an ideal choice. The body and design are not compatible with heavy pieces of training and sessions. The motor is also not very strong. So, gym freaks should look upon higher options rather than choosing this one for you.
  3. Light Fan – Fans are an important aspect of a treadmill. They help to keep you cool, comfortable. If you feel comfortable, then you only can workout properly and continuously. Sole F63 has a very light or not much powerful and only single fan which can be said as a major limitation because the fan in a treadmill keeps your workout alive and easy. Moreover, the vents on the fan cannot be adjusted downwards. So, hop onto a good design with a better fan.


bookmark_borderNordictrack Commercial 1750 Reviews : Pros and Cons (2020)

The Nordictrack commercial 1750 has gradually increased its significance among runners over the years. It has become the strongest selections for all those runners out there. The reasonable and worthy price along with some unique features has made it more outstanding for the people. The Nordictrack commercial 1750 makes virtual trainers possible to train people and also enables users with a wide range of workout options. Working out globally, being at home, and without any complication is what the treadmill does. Let’s throw some light on the reviews of Nordictrack commercial 1750; it’s features, pros, and cons.


· Features:

1. Compatible speakers: One major feature of the treadmill is the display and Bluetooth compatible speakers which makes it more obvious why people love to use it. An enjoyable session of work out with music and symphony is more than satisfying for anyone who has a busy schedule but is health and fitness conscious.

2. The IFIT Coach app: Trainers from all over the world can now train the users through this the app which is inbuilt in the machine. Hence, claiming to get trained by trainers from all over the world would not be wrong.

3. Incline range: The treadmill has an incline range from -3 to +15 which helps the users to build muscles, falling in love with work out and achieving those long-term fitness goals.

These were just some of the reasons why Noradictract commercial 1750 must be given a try. Every product has two different aspects. If there are good features and pros, there have to be some cons too. Let’s look at the different pros and cons of the machine.


1. Touchscreen: The treadmill has a touchscreen of 10” HD which makes the videos clear and concise.

2. Inclination: The power incline has a range from -3 to +15

3. Audio: The treadmill is music-friendly and does not create a cacophony.

4. Work out apps: There are about 50 workout apps that make unlimited work out feasible. All these apps are different from one another and the uniqueness of these apps makes a person fall in love with working out.

5. Running surface: The treadmill has a large running surface of about 22”×60”. This makes it more comfortable for the users.

These were the pros of Nordictrack commercial 1750.


1. Customer service: One of the fundamental sham about this machine is that the manufacturer’s support is very less. The customer service is weak and hence it creates a sense of discomfort among the users. The machine needs to used handled with care and a slight inconvenience may not be affordable.

2. Heavy: Even if the machine has a capacity to bear weight up to 350lbs, the treadmill itself is very heavy and not portable. The locating-dislocating process of the machine on a frequent basis is not possible due to the heavyweight.

Conclusion: The Nordictrack commercial 1750 has several benefits and reasons for giving it a try. Features like IFIT Coach and above 45 built-in apps makes people love this machine a little more and hence, it is highly recommended. Traveling to different places for a perfect trainer can be pretty much avoided when you have a treadmill which does the work virtually just by being home. The reviews on the Nordictrack commercial 1750; pros and cons (2020) we’re mentioned in the article above. The results have been satisfying for many people. It would be really good if you read and be aware of the pros and cons and then make a decision on buying the device.

Thank you for reading.…

bookmark_borderNordicTrack C 990 Treadmill Review: Pros and cons (2020)


The NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill has gradually become very outstanding and a go-to alternative for the people who look for the usefulness of a NordicTrack under a budget. The NordicTrack treadmills have upgraded the features and have made it even better over the years. There are a lot of stunning characteristics that make the machine more beneficial and effective. The price is quite reasonable and the features are fascinating and innovative. NordicTrack C 990 works best for people who love jogging, walking and light running. It does not prove to be very beneficial for the ones who like intense running as a part of their workout.


· Features:

One main feature is the enabled IFIT element which delivers the user with numerous benefits like access to the workout library on your tablet or computer. Access to the workout library helps in multiple a number of ways. It permits you to have a look at all the workouts which your body compels. There are many such interesting features available at an affordable cost. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the NordicTrack C990 treadmill.

· Pros:

1. Length: The length of the treadmill is 20”×60” which makes the path more comfortable and convenient. The wider the treadmill, the more relaxed.

2. Incline: The machine has an inclination of about 12% which is more than enough for many people. More inclination rate assures you of quicker results. The leg muscles activation gets boosted and also the stimulation of the carve muscles is increased.

3. Audio: The machine is music-friendly and has 2-inch speakers inbuilt. The inbuilt speakers make the audio more understandable and convenient.

4. IFIT : As mentioned in the features, NordicTrack C 990 has an inbuilt IFIT coach which enables working out at home under the guidance of trainers from all over the globe.

5. Various apps: There is 32 built-in work out apps in the treadmill. The access to this app proves to be of great use and importance for the people. These were the benefits and obvious reasons why one shall make an effort and try the NordicTrack C 990 treadmill. Stated below are those reasons why people find it difficult to cope up with the machine or the aspects which are not liked by the people.

· Cons:

1. Console issues: If the console display does not work properly or gets harmed, the treadmill is unusable. The Console display has to be handled with care and minor damage to the console may make it useless.

2. Large footprint: Another major issue with the machine is the large footprint it has. The easy location is not possible due to this reason. Large footprints make it less portable and also consumes a large amount of space. The large footprint would not be easy for everyone to adapt. Hence, this becomes another drawback of the treadmill.

3. Customer Service: The customer service provided by NordicTrack is comparatively lower than the others. The services are slow and not really up to the mark. People have experienced and felt like the provided service is not enough and it really needs to be worked on.

These were some of the cons of the NordicTrack C 990 treadmill.


The reviews on NordicTrack C 990 treadmill along with the pros and cons (2020) were mentioned in the article above. You must have got a clear idea of what unique features the treadmill retains. The treadmill has gained importance over the years and it has made working out more easy and enjoyable. For those who feel really busy and difficult to invest time in the gyms, this treadmill would act as a boon for them. Do comment and let us know how your experience was if you’ve used it.

Thank you for reading!…

bookmark_borderHorizon T202 Treadmill Reviews


The Horizon T202 treadmill has become people’s top choice as it has many features and benefits including affordability and inclination. Achieving long term fitness goals is made easy and is also available at a discounted rate hence, making it more likable. The sensational and enjoyable workout is what the Horizon T202 treadmill assures you of. The number of characteristics like IPOD dock and advanced goal center is what enables the trainees to make their workout enjoyable and to stay on task, help achieve their long term fitness goals. The machine, however, works best for the ones who are not looking for an intense running workout but just for jogging and staying fit by it. The Horizon T202 treadmill is quite striking and the idea people ought to have such a device by which one stays fit and healthy without paying for a gym.

Reviews on the Horizon T202 treadmill:


1. Easily Foldable: The treadmill is easily foldable and hence it does not talk a lot of space. It can be easily folded and unfolded when needed. Hence, the inconvenience of locating and dislocating the machine on a frequent basis is cut off.

2. Inclination: One of the very important features are that the treadmill has an inclination range of 0.5-12%. The inclination rate is found to have a very good impact on the people.

3. Weight: The treadmill has a really sufficient weight holding capacity. Anyone haveng a weight of up to 350lbs can easily work out on the treadmill. Such a weight possession capability on a budget is difficult to find.

Rating: 4.4 stars.

Price: $1299 and even less online.


1. Affordable price: The price of Horizon T202 treadmill comes on a budget for a lot of people. The discounted price and the features of the machine impress the people and hence, it does not languish in becoming people’s prime preference.

2. Warranty: Another most important benefit of the machine is that the parts of it have a warranty of one year. Any part getting damaged between one year is claimed to be repaired or replaced before it’s too late.

3. Music friendly: The treadmill has really good quality audio and is proclaimed to be music-friendly without creating much commotion.

4. Blue tooth smart: The machine can be easily connected to Bluetooth hence, enjoying music and jogging at the same time is made effortless.


1. Budget belt: The budget ply is just a single only which is 1.4 mm thick. Usually, people opt for two or three-ply.

2. Only meant for jogging: The machine cannot be used by an athlete or by a person who does intense running. It is only meant for jogging or for walking a little faster than a normal walk.

3. Vulnerable built-in fan: The built-in fan is weak and the motor also tends to make them sound more often.

The things that are liked and disliked by the people are all mentioned above. Horizon T202 treadmill also monitors your heart rate and this is yet another benefit and a reason of why shall give it a try.


The accurate reviews on Horizon T202 treadmill were listed out in the above article. It’s a number of unique features, advantages and the consideration of star ratings makes it quite obvious for all those people looking for an affordable treadmill give it a try. The treadmill holds certain benefits which usually other treadmills do not consist of, not at least at such a reasonable price. Feel free to ask about any queries regarding the above article in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.…

bookmark_border13 Charming Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

In my opinion, going over to a farmhouse is like having a mini vacation. First you gotta pack your stuff, all the good outfits that you’re gonna take pictures with along with purchasing food and drinks for the party! They are usually located at the outskirts of the city so you enjoy the drive to the destination. When you reach your little getaway home, it had better be charming right?


Who needs blankets and sweaters when you have this! Cold winters make us feel lazy. All we wanna do is curl up in bed and snooze all day. Having a fireplace is beneficial because not only does it warm up the room but it also changes the entire atmosphere of the house. You can share this warmth along with your family and friends. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing a fireplace is. One could just sit across and look at the dancing flames all day.

String Lights

A very simple and effective way of adding a touch of charm into any room are string lights. I love string lights, they can be used almost everywhere, and they are so pretty! Just look at this contemporary living room. The lights really bring out the small details of the beautifully designed interior. You can also see little reflections from smooth surfaces which is very pleasing to the eye. You can even add cool lamps in your room, like long distance lamps for relationship, modern lamps etc.


This living room looks like a great place to just sit back and chill, right? Get cozy with this indie styled living room. Grab a book, light a scented candle, play some instrumental music and read away. When you think you’re finished with the book, you can keep yourself entertained by cracking open a window and enjoy some natural breeze. Maybe enjoy a home-made cigarette? Just enjoying the vibe, really.

Casement Windows

Bored of having 4 walls in a room? How about 3 walls and a whole window! This casement window makes the room feel super airy and spacious. Just look at the amount of natural light in the room. Light colours further add to the airyness of the room. The subtle splash of colours here and there really work well and the room is put together by a sophisticated ceiling light, completing the look.

Low Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights almost as low as 6-7 feet off the ground might seem unconventional, but it turns out they do look damn good. Although one must make sure the bulbs used are not too bright so as to blind somebody as they’re placed almost at eye level.

Write it up

A chalk board is a pleasing piece of furniture. It looks good and delivers a message. In your case you can write anything you want. From inspiring quotes to cringey dad jokes, go right ahead!


Whether you want to sit and enjoy a warm snuggly couch or hop out into the balcony for a change of mood, this living + balcony concept has got it covered. After all, a balcony is a great place to hang out right? Add to the fact that the balcony has enough chairs to seat at least 10 people, you could have a complete barbeque brunch.

TV Stand

A sleek TV stand combine form and function. It adds an entire layer to the room and can also be used as a nifty storage area. Bonus marks for matching the TV stand and the center table.


With global deforestation and climate change getting worse, it’s never a bad idea to plant a tree. Why not have a whole plant in your living room? Although it would require regular maintenance, especially if it’s a big one, it is a fresh addition to the room.


I’m no expert in paintings but I do love how good that abstract painting looks on that wall. Paintings are of different kinds and concepts. So you can choose what kind of painting you want depending on what kind of look you’re going for.


Partitions are a great way to separate different themes and elements within the same room. You can bring about whatever feel you’re looking for. For example, this metal mesh partition adds depth to the room. They are stunning to look at even if they are used as an individual design structure.

Fancy Ceiling Lights

Do I need to say much? The only disadvantage of fancy ceiling lights is that they grab all the attention of the room, leaving the other bits of furniture jealous. This fantastic lotus inspired light is a treat for the eyes.

Pool Table

Whether you play pool or not, you can’t deny the sheer presence of a pool table in a room. It is definitely a bonus if you can play though. Play a round of pool with your business partners as you decide your next business strategy as you sip on some fine brandy in this luxurious farmhouse living room.…

bookmark_border14 LIFE HACKS TO WIN AT LIFE

Know Yourself

There are numerous questions you can ask about yourself, but do you have all the answers? Self knowledge is a term in psychology which obviously means knowing oneself. There’s nobody in this world that should know you better than you do. It’s important to be humble when thinking about oneself. Accepting our limitations and flaws is the first step towards improvement. Embracing and exploiting our strengths inspires confidence.


Having a vision and a dream for your future gives you a sense of direction. When you do so, you give yourself the power of influencing your decisions in such a way that they align perfectly with your path of achieving your destiny. Setting frequent short term goals is a brilliant way to grow and eventually fulfil your dreams.

Respect Family values

I believe the saying “Family comes first”. They brought us into this world. Our parents dream about seeing us become successful individuals from the day we are born. They share our happiness when we succeed and understand and support us when we are struck by failure. The love they give us is unconditional and that is the best kind of love. Keep your family close. They are always there for us, no matter what.

Plan your day

You will be surprised how productive your day can get it you organize it well. Break it up into segments and divide all your tasks and chores into convenient time intervals to make the best out of your daily 24 hours. Your schedule shouldn’t be cramped with everything related to work. It could include an evening walk, or an hour at the gym. Find the perfect balance of work and play.


The amount of sleep you get decides how your day is gonna go. Some may say that they can function on less hours of sleep if they have a lot of caffeine. But the fact is our body needs rest to work efficiently. At the least, a sound 6 hour sleep is a must for adults, if not more. Adequate sleep helps recharge your body and keeps you active throughout the day.

Make winning a habit

Humans are competitive. If you don’t win, you lose. It’s difficult to get rid of a habit that you practice on a daily basis. In the same way, you gotta make winning a habit. Because if you do, you will hate losing and the possibility of losing will motivate you to win. Winning overcomes the fear of being average and is a great influence on us.

Pamper yourself

With people being extremely busy chasing their dreams, they forget to take care of themselves. You need to spend some time with yourself. Self analysis and self care is important to know where you stand. Treat yourself from time to time, fulfill your materialistic dreams. While living life in the fast lane, it’s never a bad idea to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Hobbies are important

Modern day millennials complain about not having enough time for their hobbies. You gotta make time! As kids, we spent so much time on our favourite hobbies. If you want to attract girls, then a stylish acoustic guitar can be a good choice. It’s only fair that we spend at least an hour or two a week doing something we loved since we were young. So go ahead, make time and edit your schedules!

Spread joy

Money can’t buy you happiness. Being a serious grim person will not earn you any smiles. Spread happy vibes when you’re in a social gathering. People will develop a liking to you and automatically look at you in a positive manner. People also feed off each others emotions. So if you’re a cheerful person, chances are likely that the people around you are all cheerful. Creating a happy atmosphere keeps your mind positive and free from negative thoughts. We also know that happy people are said to live longer.

Face your fears

No good has ever come from running away from a problem. Stand your ground and figure it out. It might seem easier to push them away or completely ignore them, but the relief one gets after solving a problem is blissful. You will face a lot of problems in life, tackle them fiercely and watch yourself grow.


Undoubtedly, the most important part of decision making is prioritizing. More importantly, it comes down to what you think are your top priorities. If you have your priorities right, there’s no confusion when you come across a problem, because you already know what to do.


Our fellow mates are of unfathomable importance to us. They are always there by our side whether the times are good or bad. I call my friends my pseudo-parents because that’s exactly the role that they play in my life. Surround yourself by friends that love you and accept you for who you are.


And finally money. Although money indeed can’t buy you happiness, it can solve most, if not all your problems. A good paycheck backs you up with glorious benefits and a strong reputation. Work hard, work smart, make money and enjoy life fabulously while it lasts.

Life Partner

Finding the person that you are gonna commit to spend your entire life with can be intimidating. But if you do, there is no better feeling. Knowing for sure that they always have your back, the feeling is just scintillating. Finding a partner in this modern date has become easier with social media and what not, but so has ending relationships. Amidst this kind of behavior finding someone special is rare, and to those who already have, it is a blessing.…

bookmark_borderWhat Type Of Dog Should You Adopt?


We humans have been living in this planet Earth for such a long time now. In these years of survival, we have mastered many skills and other creatures. Some have the ability to tame lions and tigers, some can make a huge elephant sit down, and some can even make bees their bodyguards! With our mastery over almost all other creatures besides us, we have somewhat discovered the secret to life.

In this world, humans have made many friends; out of them are many animals as well. And when it comes to the best among animal friends, you cannot name anyone better than dogs. Canines like dogs have proven themselves as man’s best friends so many times that finding one incident of them harming us would be really difficult. It is true that not all the dogs are same, but one can easily cope up with a dog if he wants. There are various breeds of dogs which have various behavior, manners, likings, disliking etc. But making a dog our friend is rather easy than going to a lion and asking for his friendship with a friendship band!

Now, with so many varieties of dogs existing, the question arises that what breed or what kind of a dog would be suitable for keeping in our homes. This question arises in the mind of almost everyone who has a plan of adopting or buying a dog. So let us prepare a small guide on what kind of a dog should you opt for.


The first question that comes in our mind when buying a dog is its breed. We often wonder that what breed should be preferred. This results in hours and hours of research. I am not saying that research is not required. It is important to research everything for your own satisfaction. But keep in mind that whatever looks good on paper is not good in real. Similarly, the characteristics of a breed of a dog can never determine its importance in your life and your house. The only thing that matters is the chemistry between both of you.


Pit bull is well known for its aggressive nature. But it is surprising that even certain Pit bulls are great companions of their owners. On the other hand, Golden Retrievers are known for their passive nature. But sometimes we have heard incidents about these retrievers going against their mates. The borderline is that breed never matters the most, the thing that matters is the relationship between you and your canine mate.


The main fear or concern that people have while looking for a dog is if their children would be safe with a dog in the house. This thinking prevents many people from going for a dog. But the thing is that dogs will be aggressive only when they are forced to be so. Some points to be kept in mind are –

  • Train your dog properly. The dog may be of any breed, may it be Labrador, or Retriever, or Chihuahua or even Pit bull, the only thing that should be done is its training. You should not wait for the dog to become adult for starting its training. Just like human children, dog puppies learn better when they are small.
  • If you are not of a trainer kind of person, then you should opt for an adult dog. And it should be well trained. Having a trained dog will be a good option for people who do not like to spend their time training their dogs. And puppies can be a bit dangerous as well for children!
  • Teach your children about the type of interaction they should have with the dogs. Mind that each dog has its own kind of interaction and hence you have to study well before teaching your children. I know it is important to train your dog, but teaching your children would be a plus point that you would not regret later.
  • You should prefer adopting a dog from Rescue organization rather than buying a new one. It is because the rescuers keep the rescued dogs in the foster homes and they very well know about the personality and behavior of each dog. So they can easily help you in selecting the right doggy!



We know that many of us keep dogs for safety. All they need from the dog is that it should be able to protect their house during their absence. The dog is mainly for the safety purposes. But facts show that most of these dogs are really aggressive in nature and bite and attack all strangers, including the guests of the family.

So, there is no point of buying a dog for safety purposes if you are putting the lives of other people in danger. You can go for breeds like Labrador or Grey hounds or Great Danes. Though they are large in size, they prefer living inside the houses but are handy for safety as well and need some outdoor exercises. Coming to exercises, whichever dog you bring requires some amount of exercise or outdoor activity. So, always take your dog out regularly for some enjoyment and potty-breaks!


Yeah you heard it right. Get a dog who can be your partner as well. Dogs can prove to be a real good travel partner. Be it trekking, or camping or simple jogging, your dog can be your mate in all these cases.


Breeds like Beagle, Border collie, Dalmatian, Pit bull, Australian Shepherd or even Labrador retriever can be good travel partners. Dogs usually like to play outdoors. They like regular walks or games too. So whenever you are out on a walk or trek, just take your dog with you and I bet you will have a jolly time with them! But some cautions should always be in your mind. Not all dogs can be marathon runners. Some can be good short distance runners while some can accompany you for marathons. Never push your dog beyond his limits. Always look for signs of fatigue and take extra water with you. And take care that your dog does not run long distances when he is a puppy. It is because this can cause serious joint injuries which can plague them for life.…

bookmark_borderTravel Essentials: 12 Things Every Traveler Should Pack


In this modern era, our life is all about work and responsibilities. All we care about is our work and work only. In this hustle, we forget to make our mind relaxed and tension free. So, what is the basic thing needed to give our mind some peace and our body some relaxation? Yes, a holiday.

And holidays mean trips. The trip could be to anywhere and at anytime. It can be a simple trip with family, or can be a trek or anything else. And, when we have a trip in our mind, we also think about what all we need to take on our trip, right? In other words, it is termed as Packing!

There are various things we can take with ourselves on our trip, but here are some basic things that we should have in our bag while we are on a trip –

1. Mobile phone accessories

It will not be wrong to say that mobile phones have become a really essential companion of humans, and we cannot travel anywhere without them. Be it calling, or photography or anything else, we are inclined towards our mobile phone the most.

But our mobile phones also need some backup to keep supporting us. And when we are on a trip, may it be trekking or any regular trip, the accessories are really necessary. First and foremost is the power bank, because we cannot charge our phones anytime or anywhere without the power bank. So a power bank with some good backup is mandatory. Other components like ear buds, cell phone holders etc can be considered as well!

2. Water Bottles

It is really necessary to be hydrated whenever you are on a trip. Imagine that you are travelling somewhere and suddenly you feel dizzy because of dehydration, then your trip will be ruined completely.

So always try to carry a water bottle in your back pack whenever you are on a trip. This will help you in keeping your body hydrated and you will not find yourself looking for some water to drink! But when you are on a trek, you will surely not want to carry heavy stuffs. So, instead of any silicone bottle, you can consider carrying collapsible water bottles or water bags as well.


3. Cleaning stuffs like napkins, towels etc.

Keeping yourself clean and disease-free is a must when you are on a trip. You will not want to waste your money buying napkins and towels everywhere you go, right?

Always carry some napkins or towels in your back pack when you have plans of travelling. They will not take too much space or will increase your load! But having those with you will help you in cleanliness, and will prevent you from over-expenditure. You can also consider having hand sanitizers and mouth fresheners when you are on a business trip and have to attend meetings and all that stuffs! You will not want to face your clients with a foul smelling breath, right?

4. First Aid Kit

With us discussing about cleanliness and body hydration, we can not leave behind our safety.

Safety is number one priority, right? But when luck is not with you, you will hurt yourself however careful you are. And in those emergency cases, you cannot roam around looking for some medication facilities or hospitals. In those emergencies, having a first aid kit in your back pack will be a boon for you. You will not be dependant anymore and can medicate yourself whenever or wherever necessary. Even when the wounds are big, you can take care of yourself until help arrives!


5. Expandable Bags

Bags are the first thing that you will have with you while you are on a trip. All you essential items and stuffs will be in your back pack. SO a bag on the shoulders is a must while travelling.

But, every bag has its own limit. You cannot carry more things than the bag you have permits. Now, what will you do when you need to keep some stuff but you do not have even a little space in your back pack? Here the expandable or foldable bags will be handy. You can fold up some bags and keep them in your primary back pack. And when necessary, the bags will be able to store those things which will not have place in your primary back pack. And these will take really less space too!

6. Multi-charger

There are times when you have to travel to some other foreign countries on a business trip or a regular trip. In those cases, how will you charge your cell phone? Because it is not necessary that the type of charger you use is used in that country too, right? Now you are in a really bad situation.

Your savior in those situations would be a multiple cell phone charger. These are those charging bricks which have almost every type of charging pin used in various countries. In this way, you will not have to buy a new charging brick and can easily charge your cell phone!


7. Clothing

It has been said right that the clothes you wear determine your personality. Your garments and dressing determine your status to a large extent. So when you are on a trip, you should check your clothing in prior.

Based on the duration of your trip, you can determine the amount and types of clothing you need to carry. If you are on a short trip like trekking or camping, you should carry minimal clothing like trousers, T-shirts, gloves and all that stuff. If you are on a business trip where you need to attend meetings and parties, you will need to carry some awesome and formal clothing. And on a regular family trip, you can take your jeans, shirts etc. But always try to carry some minimal clothing.

8. Pillow and sleeping bags

There is no surety about where you will have to sleep when you are on a trip. So always try to have a light weight sleeping bag and a travelling pillow in your back pack to make sure that you will not have to go through sleepless nights during your trip!

9. Raincoat and Umbrella

Rainfall does not come with any prior notice, and it is possible that you may be in a rainy area during your trip. Try to take with you a raincoat or an umbrella just in case you have to battle the showers!


10. Multipurpose shoes

When you are all dressed up, you have to look down to the shoes you are wearing as well. And to be frank, the multipurpose shoes will be the best ones. If you suddenly have plans of trekking during your regular trip, you will not have to waste your time looking for the right shoes anymore.

11. Passport and Xerox

Always try to have some photocopies of your passport whenever you are travelling to some foreign countries. Even if your passport gets lost, you will have your spare photocopies which will be of help! But always try to keep your passports and cards in a safe spot inside your bag.…